Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Controversy from one of my communities

J/ Choose the "controversy" you will be working with all semester. Write a one page, in-depth, detailed description of your controversy AND describe the characteristics of the community that you are examining your controversy as part of. This should be a community to which you belong.

The controversy in which I will be focusing on is the high financial demands that being an active part of the “horse rider” community entails. Ever since I was little, I remember being around horses. And once I was actually old enough to participate and ride a horse, I was immediately enthralled.
One of the main reasons why I am choosing the controversy of the high costs that are apart of this sport is because it was not until the other day when it was mentioned in class that I had ever really thought about how much money my family alone has spent just for this hobby of me and my sister. Though both of my parents totally supported the idea of us being interested in such an elegant, well- renowned activity, they were always worried about our safety. Due to these concerns of theirs, they made it a point to always buy the safest, newest, and best products that were available; which is also the case for many other riders’ and their parents.
Within the active horse rider community, there are quite a number of things that are of great importance and necessity that are also quite a hard hit on the wallet. To name only a few, there is the horse itself, the cost of the running of a barn or the cost to board your horse somewhere else is you do not have the means (or land) to have it where you live, the prices of large veterinarian and Ferrier bills, saddles, bridals, feed, blankets, and many more. And most of these expenditures are ones that need to be made on a regular basis.
In picking out this controversy, it made me think of the many different controversies that exist within this particular community. For one, there is the choice that every rider must make, and that is whether to ride in an English styled saddle or to ride in a Western styled saddle. Within this particular choice, in my experiences, I chose to ride English due to its prestigious reputation and the beautiful form it promotes. I did not choose Western due to its reputation with links to animal abuse that often occurs in the popular Western shows such as rodeos and barrel races; those were not the type of riders that I felt I wanted to ever be and the English riders were. The next controversy that came to my mind was that of the controversy that can be found in issues held between those who support “showing” and basing their whole riding experience on that of being ranked, and those who honestly just love the thrill of riding and do it for the love of the sport and animal.
Although there are obviously a lot of different controversial issues surrounding this community, I still chose to focus on the controversy of the high financial demands made by being an active member of the community itself. This is something that affects everyone in the entire community, and is a huge loss for those who are passionate about horses as well as the sport but are not able to participate and become a member due to their lack of funds. This expensive community is one that I do not take for granted and are happy to be apart of for so many years now. And although I have been playing a much less dynamic in this community since my senior year in high school, the moment I pull back into the driveway at my house and see my two beautiful Arabians, my love and my drive of being a rider comes rushing back.


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This sounds good, but you might want to fine tune how you talk about the controversy. The controversy is not the high cost, but rather that it makes equestrian pursuits elitist. In other words, this "hobby" is, by nature, exclusionary. In what ways and why is that problematic. This should help you focus your research and investigation.

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