Monday, February 27, 2006

Organizational exercise

This is a rough outline for my paper. I compiled this when doing the prewriting exercises. I found that in choosing to outline as my organizational exercise, it really does help me with preparing and later creating my papers.

I. Introduction
A. Brief history of the equestrian community
B. Introduce controversy
C. State what will be displayed about said controversy all throughout the paper
II. History of the sport
A. How it came into being
B. Typical participants that are actively involved in this community
C. Customs and Traditions made and practiced within the community
D. Generalizations made by and about this group and its members
III. Controversial Topics within Equestrian Community
A. Examples of the mulitiple controversies that have arrived
1. English vs. Western Saddles
2. English showing vs. Western showing
3. Riding for fun vs. riding to acquire place and excellence within your community
B. Chosen controversy
1. How by nature the Equestrian community is exclusive, therefore categorizing this community as elite
2. Examples of how the controversy is present within this community
IV. Exclusivity and Elitism in the world of Equestrian sport
A. Perspectives of those who support this community’s reputation and believe that it is meant to be that way for a reason (thus, should not change).
B. Perspectives of the opposing side of the above arguers. This includes examples that support those who believe that it should be a sport that should be available to everyone, and not include any type of discrimination (such as race, gender, money, etc).
C. Other examples from miscellaneous groups and individuals that come from all different corners on the issue
V. Organizations and Associations that incorporate this “elitist’s hobby” into the lives of those who otherwise cannot participate
A. American Competition Opportunities for Riders with Disabilities (American ACORD)
B. Work to Ride Program
C. Sierra Club
VI.Organizations and Associations that mandate qualifications and guidelines for those who want to be members of their equestrian community, and willfully turn down any of which are not up to standards with their criteria
A. Unites Thoroughbred Trainers of America (UTTA)
B. Deep Run Hunt Club
C. Equine Colleges
VII. Conclusion
A. Restate the chosen controversy
B. State how this research has or has not shaped your own opinions about your community


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