Friday, February 24, 2006

Researching my community

Within my community, I will be focusing on how it qualifies to be an exclusionary sport, and therefore elitist. I will also discuss how due to this catagorization of my community, the controversy of the high financial demand that being an active part of the “horse rider” community entails. Within the active horse rider community, there are quite a number of things that are of great importance and necessity that are also quite a hard hit on the wallet. To name only a few, there is the horse itself, the cost of the running of a barn or the cost to board your horse somewhere else is you do not have the means (or land) to have it where you live, the prices of large veterinarian and Ferrier bills, saddles, bridals, feed, blankets, and many more. And most of these expenditures are ones that need to be made on a regular basis.
In picking out this controversy, it made me think of the many different controversies that exist within this particular community. But although there are obviously a lot of different controversial issues surrounding this community, I still chose to focus on the controversy how this elitist hobby expects extremely large amounts of money by any active member of the community. This is something that affects everyone in the entire community, and is a huge loss for those who are passionate about horses as well as the sport but are not able to participate and become a member due to their lack of funds.
In finding sources on this matter, I have found that researching in the “sports” department in the library really helped my out. This morning I went to the library on a mission to hopefully find some books that would aid me in my topic. When I finally found some I was relieved. Some of the books that I found, including Leisure in America: A Social Inquiry, Sport Play, and Ethical Reflection, and Fair Play: The ethics of Sport, all of which are books I am finding helpful facts in that I was definitely not aware of before now. Another book that I found today is that of one called, Managing White Supremecy: Race, Politics, and Citizenship in Jim Crowe Virginia, which I believe will help me in desiphering the real and imaginary lines between other controversies and my community, along with how the affected one another. I am thinking, with the help of Prof. Malesh’s suggestions, that if I take more of a historical approach, then it will be more substantial and much easier to research and write about.


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